Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells to Cure Illnesses

January 3, 2013 | Stem Cell

pros and cons stem cellsPros And Cons Of Stem Cells have been debated for years about whether or not it should be done. On medical views, stem cell is a potentially new discovery to treat most incurable diseases. Stem cell can divide into several cells which are then circulating round the body, targeting on tissues or organs in needs. What is more special about this type of cell is that it can transform into different type of cell which are then attached onto heart tissue, muscles, bloods, and many other places. Stem cell is considered valuable since it plays significant roles in replacing and repairing old, dying, as well as damaged tissues.

Knowing how favorable this stem cell is, new researches have been conducted. Every research leads to a decision that stem cell is necessary in order to break the barrier in medical world. However, as some other aspects have different values; this discourse has invited Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells. Some support the idea of taking some stem cells from a certain part of body to be implanted on the damaged parts, but some other parties strongly object this idea due to several reasons. Basically, the pros and cons about this discourse is viewed from two perspective: knowledge for the pros and ethic for the cons. For detailed explanations, read the following article.

Pros of Stem Cells

Pros of Stem CellsAmong the Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells, It has been mentioned before that the pros of stem cells come from those who believe that whatever it takes to contribute positively to medical knowledge and applied medic, it is considered worth trying.

Stem cells are usually taken from embryonic cells and adult cells. Adult stem cells can be taken out from either bone marrow or peripheral system. To extract the stem cell from bone marrow, the process will be very painful and result in destruction of bone structure. To extract the stem cell from the peripheral system, meanwhile, does not cause as much pain as from the bone marrow, but it takes more time. The problem is that time is often the critical issue in health. The stem cells from adult cells are more promising since they are available in plentiful concentration and there is always the exact DNA so that there will not be any rejection from the body’s immune system, which makes the adult cell, is superior to the cord and embryonic cells.

The second richest stem cell source is the umbilical cord. The cord cells can be used for the family, and can even be donated. Saving cord cells in the cord bank is often encouraged to anticipate some misfortunes in the future. This does not invite so many Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells. The third richest source of stem cell is the embryonic cells, which are the cells that are extracted directly from the embryo. This type of stem cell is usually extracted from aborted fetus when it reaches the “blastocyst” stage.

The blastocys contain around 100 stem cells which potentially divide into two each every two or three days. Of course, this is considered to be a great source of stem cells. For those who are pro to stem cells, this is a brilliant way to save people suffering from deadly, chronic, or even hereditary illnesses. Instead of wasting such potential source of cures, they believe that using it to heal the sick ones is better. The Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells starts from this.

Cons of Stem Cells

pros and cons of stem cellsWhat inflicts more critics on Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells is actually the one from the third richest source: the stem cells from embryonic cells. For those who value human life, it is considered unethical to suspend a life – even it is only a few weeks old – for the sake of experiment, or even to reduce the suffering of the living ones.

They believe that even the shortest span of life deserves honor. Every single act of suspending a life is considered as a murder, which is utterly immoral. Besides, to spend such great amount in funding the blastocys experiment is considered ineffective. They point out that the attention given to adult stem cell is too little, whereas in fact, it has been proven that adult stem cells can cure many diseases.

When reading Stem Cell Therapy Cream Reviews, it shows that Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells keep appearing since the results of using the embryonic cells are not proven just yet. They think it is more beneficial to spend the money funding the adult stem cells operation..

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